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Tuesday, May 19, 2015


A moment in history where a key idea radically changes everything.

I can understand how everyone thought the Earth was the motionless center of the Universe. The earth sure feels and looks stationary. But no, Galileo did a careful unbiased study of the heavens and came to the conclusion that Earth was not at the center of the Universe, instead it rotated around the sun. We call Galileo’s new method for getting at the truth, science. Of course he was opposed by astronomers, philosophers and clerics of the day. He was even censured and placed under house arrest by the highest authority of the day: The Church.

Advice to fundamentalists:

  • The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.” (1)
  • “The enemy of science is not religion. Religion comes in endless shapes and forms... The true enemy is the substitution of thought, reflection, and curiosity with dogma.” (2)

Now we are faced with our own difficult scientific facts:

  • Block time - Not only does the present exist now but so does the future and the past. (3)
  • Conscious evolution – We have control of our evolution.  Real progress is attainable. (4)
  • Post selection – Future life is able to span time to fine tune physical constants and events to suit life... eternal life, rapture, and heaven. (5) 

These Scientific Facts lead to a radical conclusion:

This potentially liberating paradigm shift is encountering heated resistance from nearly every side including academics, atheistic and theistic fundamentalists. They are on the wrong side of this Galileo Moment: With block time, conscious evolution, and post selection, mainstream science reveals a natural path to Godhood that must exist now. And, we can see how God could act on, and guide the world.

Galileo introduced science to the spiritual life of the 15th century and that eventually resulted in a vibrant Renaissance and Enlightenment, emphasizing reason, analysis, and individualism rather than traditional lines of authority. With our new Galileo moment we can expect such accelerated change in the coming years. Notice in the graph here, collective social change is lagging behind at the moment. But what is slowly filtering into our collective consciousness is, life is achieving its ultimate goal of becoming eternally self-sustaining and universally creative, and that is Godhood. The following are leading  indicators of the change: 

  • Social Change – Transhumanism and Posthumanism and leadership in ethics (6) 
  • Business Change – Globally Interconnected, Technology Driven, Focused on Empowerment (7) 
  • Political Change - Transhumanist Party (8)


Transhumanism is when religion becomes Reality

In Christianity this is called Recapitulation

Even in the scriptures show we were always meant to evolve. Through man’s depravity the process of the evolution of the human race went wrong, and the course of its wrongness could neither be halted nor reversed by any human means. But in Jesus Christ the whole course of human evolution was perfectly carried out and realized in obedience to the purpose of God. One of the main New Testament scriptures upon which this view is based states: "[God's purpose is, in] the fullness of the times, to sum up all things in Christ, the things in the heavens, and the things upon the earth..." Ephesians 1:10, RV. The Greek word for 'sum up' were literally rendered 'to recapitulate' in Latin.  In the recapitulation view of the atonement, Christ is seen as the new Adam who succeeds where Adam failed. Christ undoes the wrong that Adam did and, because of his union with humanity, leads humankind on to eternal life.


1: Gloria Steinem
2: Frans de Waal