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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


There is an important connection between religion and technology that I would like to point out. It has to do with the concept of love. Besides the religious concept of love, what could love mean in the context of the technical world? I see a grainy and rough “love process” going on in the technical world, and it is resolving daily into a finer construct. Just like all religions this technical trend is aimed at achieving the same optimum point of life: eternally self-sustaining, universally creative... and fun.  Whether spiritual, or technical, love is the winning strategy in the “game” of life. [1]

The love process is based in information and communication theory: Technically, love can be seen as the process of connecting data, information, and knowledge. The product of the love process is understanding. If the process is efficient and sustained, understanding increases exponentially.  Peace allows unwavering attention so that the love process can establish a clear connection. At the heart of the process; symbols, words, and feelings are ordered into meaning. But meaning is not static, it grows. A type of “forgiveness” is important to the process because it establishes an exhaust for misunderstanding and disorder. (Here I would apply the love process to computers, the internet, telecommunications, social networking, as well as sensory and kinesthetic enhancement. We are actually coming together, living better, and becoming more conscious of the world.)

The Love Process has the power of life behind it: “We can only love what we know, and we can never know completely what we do not love. Love is a mode of knowledge, and when the love is sufficiently disinterested and sufficiently intense, the knowledge becomes unitive knowledge and so takes on the quality of infallibility.”[2] Eternal and infallible works: We stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us. We inherit the good works of evolving species, scientific progress, and spiritual growth. This idea is the catalyst for a Christian-transhumanism synthesis.

We enter the age conscious evolution: Now it seems we have discovered the science of the love process. As it should, the process of connecting is emerging as a fundamental law of nature ready for our technical and spiritual application. There is a peer reviewed paper [3] just out linking consciousness to connection of information in a system. That connection is measurable.  Its strength and growth is obviously trending to The Great I Am (if you have an optimistic outlook on life). The more integrated the system is, the more synergy it has, the more conscious it is. The latest theory of consciousness is precisely expressed in the language of mathematics using notions from information theory such as entropy. Given a particular brain, with its neurons and axons, dendrites and synapses, one can, in principle, accurately compute the extent to which this brain is integrated and so the level of consciousness. From this calculation, the theory derives a single number. Measured in bits, this number denotes the size of the conscious repertoire associated with any network of causally interacting parts. Think of number as the synergy of the system. The more integrated the system is, the more synergy it has, the more conscious it is. This system can be established in a brain, a silicon based computer, electromagnetic fields in space-time, a society...or across all such systems at once. There is obviously much room to grow... This is where we grow. Now think Christian-Transhumanism, it is so grandly synergizing it has emergent properties... real transcendent properties...a new level of consciousness that is hard to relate back.

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